2018 ACTA Academy Athletes

  Athlete State Discipline
1 Thomas Armstrong Vic DTL/ISSF Trap
2 Jack Cullinan SA DTL
3 Tarryn Shaddock Vic DTL
4 Daniel Demasi Vic DTL
5 Sara Kosch Vic DTL
6 Adrian De Paoli NSW DTL
7 Rieley Fitzgibbon Vic DTL
8 Alexis Preston Vic ISSF Trap
9 Charlie Hudson-Czerniecki Vic ISSF Trap
10 Cameron McKiddie Qld ISSF Trap
11 Max Johnstone Qld DTL/Skeet
12 Jack Stockdale Vic DTL/Skeet
13 Aidan Donaldson Qld DTL/Skeet
14 Adam Beechey Vic Skeet
15 Charlie Cook Vic Skeet

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