2018 ACTA Academy Athletes

  Athlete State Discipline
1 Thomas Armstrong Vic DTL/ISSF Trap
2 Jack Cullinan SA DTL
3 Tarryn Shaddock Vic DTL
4 Daniel Demasi Vic DTL
5 Sara Kosch Vic DTL
6 Adrian De Paoli NSW DTL
7 Rieley Fitzgibbon Vic DTL
8 Alexis Preston Vic ISSF Trap
9 Charlie Hudson-Czerniecki Vic ISSF Trap
10 Cameron McKiddie Qld ISSF Trap
11 Max Johnstone Qld DTL/Skeet
12 Jack Stockdale Vic DTL/Skeet
13 Aidan Donaldson Qld DTL/Skeet
14 Adam Beechey Vic Skeet
15 Charlie Cook Vic Skeet


2017 ACTA Academy Athletes

  Athlete State Discipline
1 Thomas Armstrong Vic DTL
2 Nathan Burt NSW DTL
3 Jack Clerke Vic DTL
4 Jack Cullinan SA DTL
5 Luella Foster Vic DTL
6 Cameron McKiddie Qld DTL
7 Frank Morris NSW ISSF Trap
8 Cooper Mooney NSW DTL
9 Tarryn Shaddock Vic DTL
10 Amy Smith NSW DTL
11 Will Smithwick Vic ISSF Trap
12 Jack Stockdale Vic Skeet
13 Jack Turner NSW DTL
14 Brody Walters NSW DTL


2016 ACTA Academy Athletes

  Athlete State Discipline
1 Antony Ballarino Qld Skeet
2 Cooper Mooney NSW DTL
3 Jackson Willmann Qld DTL/ISSF
4 Laura Woolley Vic DTL
5 Jack Cullinan NSW DTL
6 Nathan Burt NSW DTL
7 Luella Foster Vic DTL
8 Jack Clerke Vic DTL/ISSF
9 Jack Stockdale Vic Skeet
10 Erin Stewart Qld DTL/ISSF Trap
11 Tanya Skinner ACT DTL/ISSF Trap
12 Thomas Pilgrim Vic DTL
13 Frank Morris NSW ISSF Trap
14 Lachlan Holdsworth Vic ISSF Trap
15 Brody Walters NSW DTL/ISSF Trap


2015 ACTA Academy Athletes

  Athlete State Discipline
1 James Hayden Vic DTL
2 Jackson Willmann Qld DTL
3 Adam Bylsma Qld DTL
4 Jack Clerke Vic DTL
5 Kate Schiller NSW DTL
6 Thomas Rhue Qld Skeet
7 Antony Ballarino Qld Skeet
8 Adam Shale Vic Sporting
9 Sam Bylsma Qld ISSF Trap
10 Lachlan Holdsworth Vic ISSF Trap
11 Gemma Dunn NSW ISSF Trap Women
12 Erin Stewart Qld ISSF Trap Women

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