Graeme Boyd Age: 57
ACTA Club: Wangaratta
Preferred Discipline: 5 Stand Sporting
Age Started Clay Target Shooting: 22
Years Clay Target Shooting: 35
Shooting Achievements:

International Competitions
1978 South Pacific Games ISSF Skeet (team gold medal)
1979 World Championships ISSF Skeet
1979 Pesta Sukan Games (team gold medal in ISSF Skeet and ISSF Trap) Individual silver medal in ISSF Skeet and ISSF Trap.
Club ISU Skeet record. First person in 32 years to shoot 50 straight ISSF Skeet
1979 South Pacific games (gold medal in ISSF Skeet)
1980 South Pacific games, ISSF Skeet (team gold medal and individual bronze medal)
1980 First Asian games in Thailand (team gold medal in ISSF Skeet and ISSF Trap) Individual silver medal in ISSF Skeet.
1981 South Pacific games, ISSF Skeet (team gold medal)
1982 World Championships ISSF Skeet
1983 World ISSF Trap Championship
1983 National ISSF Trap champion high gun and Commonwealth medal overall
1984 South Pacific games, ISSF Trap (team gold medal and individual gold medal ISSF Skeet). Individual badge match - gold medal 100/100.
1985 Australian games ISSF Trap team (team gold medal and individual bronze medal)
1986 South Pacific games ISSF Trap
1991 South Pacific games (bronze medal ISSF Trap)
1994 World Championships ISSF Trap
1994 World Cup in Italy and China
1994 Commonwealth games in Canada
DTL Commonwealth Championships
1993 Double Barrel Continental
1998 Double Barrel
Skeet Commonwealth Championships
1986 Commonwealth Skeet
1997 Commonwealth Skeet
ISSF Commonwealth Championships
1980 Olympic ISSF Skeet
1983 Olympic Trap
1989 Olympic Double Trap - AUSTRALIAN RECORD
1994 Olympic Trap
DTL National Championships
1982 Double Rise A grade 1st
1984 Single Barrel third overall
1986 Australia/New Zealand third overall
ISSF National Championships
1977 National ISSF Skeet A grade
1983 Olympic Trap second overall
1983 Olympic Trap overall high gun
1980 ISSF Skeet overall
1985 Olympic Trap second overall
1994 Olympic Trap first A grade
1994 Olympic Trap overall high gun
DTL State Championships
1975 Vic State Double Rise C grade
1981 Vic State DTL high gun
1983 Vic State Double Rise
1983 Vic State DTL high gun
1987 Vic State Single Barrel
1989 Vic State Double Barrel
1990 Vic State Double Barrel
1978 NSW State Double Barrel mini Continental
1983 NSW State Double Rise
1986 NSW State Mixed Targets
1988 NSW State Double Rise
1989 NSW State Ball Trap - AUSTRALIAN RECORD
Skeet State Championships
1982 Vic State Skeet high gun
1987 Vic State Skeet Doubles
1987 Vic State Skeet high gun
1988 Vic State Skeet Doubles
ISSF State Championships
1982 NSW State ISSF Skeet high gun
1978 Vic State ISSF Skeet high gun
1978 Vic State ISSF Skeet team high gun
1982 Vic State ISSF Skeet champion
1982 Vic State ISSF Skeet high gun
1987 Vic State ISSF Skeet high gun
1990 Vic State Olympic Trap A grade
State Teams
1978, 1980, 1981 and 1982 for Victorian State ISSF Skeet team
1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1987, 1988 and 1991 for Victorian State American Skeet team
1982, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 for Victorian DTL team
1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993 and 1994 for Victorian State ISSF Trap team
Australian Trainig Squads ISSF
1981 and 1982 National  Training Squad ISSF Skeet
1983, 1984, 1985 and 1994 National Training Squad ISSF Trap
All Australian Teams
1982 ISSF Trap
1986 ISSF Skeet
1988 American Skeet
1982, 1986 abd 1990 DTL
Pacific International
1979 ISSF Skeet (gold medal)
Australian Games
1985 Olympic Trap team (gold medal)
1985 Olympic Trap (bronze)
National Australian Can Champion 1980
Australian Records
1989 Olympic Double Trap in Canberra
1989 Ball Trap 99/100 in Wagga Wagga
1990 DTL Double Barrel 15 metres 665 straight in Geelong
1990 DTL long run break 15 metres 746 in Geelong
1993 DTL Double Rise 136 pair straight in Geelong
Personal Best
World Championships - Edmonton, Canada (Bronze medal)
Double Rise 136 pair straight at Geelong in 1993
American Skeet - 192 straight
ISSF Skeet 144 straight - 7 x 100's
ISSF Trap 136 straight - 4 x 100's
18 Australian International Teams
8 Commonwealth Titles
30 State Titles
Over 800 Australian, District, zone or club Championships
25 metres and AA grade in all ACTA, ISSF disciplines and Field and Game
1979 Singapore. The first 50 straight ISSF Skeet in 32 year history of the club.
1979 Italy. First Australian to shoot 50 straight ISSF Skeet at a world Championship.

Other Interests: Fishing and Coaching.
Other Personal Info: Enjoyed travelling when shooting. 1995 Induction into the Albury Hall of Fame.


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