Chief Executive Officer Paul Gilbert
Accounts Judy Ferry
Reception/Coaching & Referees/Camping Jenny Robinson
Sue Vesperman

Media, Marketing, Facilities Coordinator
Aileen Storey

National Handicapper Ray Peatling
National Rules Supervisor Jim Shepherd
National Executive - click on a name to send an email
Patron Mrs Kay Hull
President Mal Dyson
Vice Presidents Garry Read Terry Marsden
State Representatives - click on a name to send an email
NSW Mr Colin Kneebone Mr Kim Nealon
NT Mr Ray Niven Mr Dave Howe
QLD Mr Brian Muirson Mr Malcolm Collins
SA Mr Bronte Evans Mr Garry Read
TAS Mr Alan Styles Mrs Fiona Atkins
VIC Mr Les Kadziela Mr Lynne Curtis
WA Mr Terry Marsden Mr Ian Watson
Sub Committees
Sport Expansion

C. Kneebone (Chairman), M. Collins, P. Coogan, L. Curtis, L. DeCandia, M. Dennis, L. Kadziela,T. Marsden, B. Muirson, K.Nealon, F.Atkins, M.Collins

Sport Enhancement G. Read (Chairman),  A. Styles, R. Niven, I. Watson, M. Dyson
Management Sub Committee A. Styles, M. Dyson, G. Read, T. Marsden