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Presidential Medal Recipients

ACTA National Presidents/Chairmen have traditionally awarded medals for outstanding achievement in coaching, administration, or contribution to, the sport of clay target shooting.

Recipients of the Presidential Medal




 2023  Robert Hunter  NT
 2022  David Coleman  NSW
 2021  None Awarded  
 2020  None Awarded  
 2019      Frank Auditore   NSW
 2018  Tony Turner (Former EO)      
 2018  Don Power  NSW     
 2017  Michael Kruger-Davis  NSW
 2017  Elaine Forward  WA
 2016  None Awarded  
 2015  None Awarded  
 2014  Robert Blake  NSW
 2013  Ron Traill  VIC
 2012  Robert Smith  NSW
 2011  Peter Haley  NSW
 2011  John Byrnes  SA
 2010  Vince Gatt  NSW
 2009  Tom Meadows  QLD
 2008  James Shepherd  VIC
 2008  Rodney Woodrow  QLD
 2007  None Awarded  
 2006  None Awarded  
 2005  K Wright  VIC
 2004  R Mason  TAS
 2003  None Awarded  
 2002  Glenn Woodhatch  VIC
 2002  G Mitchell  SA
 2001  None Awarded  
 2000  None Awarded  
 1999  Tim Catling  WA
 1998  L Connors  VIC
 1997  F Atkinson  SA
 1996  W Morgan  TAS
 1995  None Awarded  
 1994  J Scott  NSW
 1993  J Forbes  SA
 1992  None Awarded  
 1991  Ern Hawkins  NSW
 1990  Rex Varley  NSW
 1989  Roy Holtfreter  WA
 1988  E Briggs  VIC
 1987  T Comeford  QLD
 1986  None Awarded  
 1985  A Smith  QLD
 1984  L Bird  NSW
 1983  None Awarded  
 1982  Rob Buchan  VIC
 1981  J Thomas  VIC
 1981  G Richards  WA
 1981  R Mules  SA
 1980  G Porter  QLD



November 2023 CTSN

On the cover: James Willett, Overall High Gun at the NSW State Trap Carnival with Jacopi Bardini from NSI & Brad Kidd, NSWCTA President.

Inside this month's edition

ACTA Chairman's Report
South Australian State ISSF Titles
WAGC Trap Carnival – Festival of Clays
Presidential Medal Policy
ACTA Coaching Report
VCTA North West Zone Trap Carnival
Roma CTC – Unique Connection to Double Rise
Australia Oceania Championships Team
Waratah Notes
Wilkawatt CTC Annual Anniversary Shoot
What’s Happening in the VCTA
In Memory of Frank Searles
Psychological Skills for Shooting
ACTA New Members
Break Badges
Shoot Calendar
From the Archives
Around the Traps in Tasmania
Strong Competition at Bega
Maryborough GC September
2024 Annual Registration & Club Membership Application

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