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Nanette McCallum Year of Birth:  
Member Since: 1971
ACTA Club: Started at Burnie Gun Club
Preferred Discipline: Olympic Trap
Years Clay Target Shooting: 40+ years
Shooting Achievements: National Championships – Ladies
1975 – Double Rise in Tasmania
1981 – Points Score, Champion of Champions, Single Barrel & 3rd in Double Rise in Melbourne
1990 – 3rd in Single Barrel in Tasmania
1995 – Single Barrel & 3rd in Double Rise in Melbourne.
1996 – Single Barrel, Double Rise, 2nd in Champion of Champions & 3rd in Points Score in Tasmania.
1998 – Single Barrel, 2nd Double Rise, 3rd Double Barrel in Perth
1999 – Points Score, Champion of Champions, 3rd Single Barrel in Roma.
2000 – Points Score, Champion of Champions in Wagga.
2002 – Points Score in Wagga.
2003 – Double Barrel, Single Barrel, 3rd Double Rise in Wagga.
2005 – Champion of Champions in Perth.
2007 – Double Rise, Double Barrel in Wagga.
2010 – 2nd Single Barrel in Wagga.
2012 – 3rd Single Barrel in Wagga.
2014 – 3rd Single Barrel in Wagga.

Commonwealth Championships
1999 – Single Barrel OA High Gun at Bothwell
2007 – Double Rise, Double Barrel, Single Barrel, Points Score & Ladies High Gun.

1980 – National Double Rise OA High Gun

1980 – It is believed that Nan was the 1st lady to be chosen to shoot in the open shoulder to shoulder team for Tasmania at the Nationals in Melbourne 1981, also the 1st lady in Australia. The following year the mens team became known as the Open Team. Nan was also the first person to shoot a possible to qualify for the shoulder to shoulder team.

Mackintosh Teams
1990, 1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 05, 06, 07 (11 teams)
Mackintosh Team High gun in 1996, 98 & 2000. 

Victorian State – Ladies
1996 – Points Score, Double Rise & Ladies High gun.
1998 – Double Rise
2000 – Double Rise, Single Barrel, Points Score & Ladies High gun.
2009 – Double Barrel, Single Barrel.

State Championships High Guns
1979 – Night Single Barrel, Points Score & Night Points Score.
1980 – Night Double Rise, Points Score.
1986 – Single Barrel
1995 – Single Barrel Continental
1997 – Handicap, Deauville Doubles
1998 – Ball Trap, Night Points Score
2005 – Mixed Targets
2007 – Deauville Doubles
2009 – Champion of Champions

Trench (ISSF) Team to Italy 1994. DTL (Trap) Team to Wales 1999. Ladies team came second.

1997 - Oceania Games came 1st in Ladies and also took out 1st in the Ladies team.
1999 – Oceania Games came 3rd in Ladies and also took out 1st in the Ladies team.

ISSF – Open Trench (Trap) OD Team.

State Trench Ladies Team – 1990, 93.

State (Tasmania) Ladies High Guns for DTL (Trap)
1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 07 & 2014. (11 teams)

State (Tasmania) Ladies DTL Teams
1979, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90 to 2015. (All teams except 2 in 36 years).

State (Tasmania) Ladies Skeet Teams
1994, 96, 97, 98. (4 teams)

Postal Teams (Tasmania)

1987, 89, 91, 93, 98, 99, 2001, 02, 05 to 2010, 2015. (15 teams).

Numerous club Championships. Too many to count.

Other Interests:  It was under the guidance of Nanette’s father, Reuben Abblitt that she started shooting in 1969. She only dabbled in it for the first 2 years. The first time she had a shot she got a ¼ of the targets so she knew there was room to improve. In those days it was the old hand release traps at Burnie Gun Club and they were pretty easy to read and her dad used to tell her which way the target would go but it didn’t mean she got it as she used her dads old Browning gun and it didn’t fit so there were bruises but it didn’t stop her from having a go. She borrowed a Winchester 101 until she was able to buy her own Winchester 101. Back in those days everyone had a 101 and you could leave your gun on the gun rack, so there were often people going out to shoot with the wrong gun and didn’t even realise it. So what did Nan do, she had her name engraved in it. Also way back when you could win 3 novices and then it was in open company. This was about the time grades came about. Thank god for grades. Nan only shot at Burnie, Mersey and Rosebery clubs back then and won her first championship at Rosebery in 1973. She only started getting around the other clubs in the state after she married in 1979 and moved south. Nan won her first State Championship high gun at Huonville, Tasmania.
Other Personal Info:  

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